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I just needed help with motivation.  Deana worked with me side by side and took the lead when I wanted to give up and we got so much done!  If I could have her over every day I would!  Well worth the money and I plan on having her over at least once a month. 
Suzanne K. 

Deana consistently goes above and beyond what I've hired her to do. She has proven herself INVALUABLE to my home remodel this summer, and I honestly don't know what I'd do without her! I highly recommend Deana for any decorating, paint, or home improvement job. 
Devorah S.

Deana is the real deal. She gets it, she thinks through things without little direction, and she thinks long term for your organizational needs. She came last summer to help me with my garage project before family came and during my remodel. Without her my garage would have been a nightmare to deal with. I was so grateful to her during a stressful time! Thank you for doing what you do!!! She's a rockstar.  She organized, labeled, cleaned and made the garage look and feel amazing in a short amount of time while doing exactly what I wanted with very little direction. She is a self starter but she also knows how to collaborate and do what you envision. I'd hire her again for many more future projects! 
Fran T. 

I've had Deana come and organize my closet and bathroom several times, and i love how it makes me feel after she leaves!
When I moved to my new apartment, I didn't even try to figure out the layout and decor myself. It was easier to just have her come and do it! And the space is so me!!! 

Heather C. 

Deana did an awesome job helping me organize my home office and a spare bedroom. I was overwhelmed with the rooms and they caused me anxiety because I didn't know where to start. She came and had both rooms organized in one day!!  
She is very easy to work  with and has great ideas...looking forward to hiring her for organizing the basement next. 

Cathy R. 

She is a life saver! She dealt with a mess of a basement and room! I can now use both now! Highly recommend! I knew I should have Christmas paper plates; I was able to find them this year! 

Ali K. 

I worked in the same office as Deana. Our employers were disorganized to say the least! Deana came in and reorganized the whole filing system to where even our employers could find things! Everything just looks "nice" after she's been in a room organizing, ya know?!? I can recommend Deana for any office organization project for sure! 
Denise G. 

After I lost my mother I was completely frozen and stuck and there were so many things in my mothers home that I didn't know what to do. I was searching Google one night and happened to come across Deana's website and I knew right then that I needed to call her.  She has turned my home into a very beautiful, comfortable, well organized place. She is kind, compassionate, and very detail oriented. Her eye for Decorating is impressive. I'm so blessed to have found her and can tell you that if you're thinking about organizing or  Decorating your home, hiring Deana is probably going to be the best thing you've ever done.

 Marci M. 

Deana came into our classrooms, and turned them around! Everything got organized and labeled so that the kids knew where to put everything. She made the walls aesthetically pleasing for the kids. Our supplies closet became functional and we could find things again, because they were organized by subject and labeled. This seems to come naturally to Deana. I wish we could all be so organized!!
Andy L. 

Deana is great. She was patient with us and the needs of our first part of our purge. We hope to have her back soon.
Rebecca C. 

She did a great job painting our garage, would hire her again for other projects.
 Jordan W. 

I had complete chaos in my basement for 5 years. I went through two life crisis and just couldn’t go down and work in the mess. I found Deana online and asked her if she could help me. The day she came there wasn’t even a path through the basement, and that evening when she left, there wasn’t just a path, but she also did an unimaginable amount of organization in one day!! It was such a load off my shoulders!! In just 3 days she had the entire house basement in order and organized in a way that made it so I could continue to keep it that way. She is a miracle worker and I’m so happy I found her!!!  
Karen Y. 

Deana is a miracle worker. She has taken my unorganized, cluttered house from hell to a beautiful, comfortable home I love. I cannot describe all of her talents & skills because she is so amazing. She knows exactly how to organize, arrange & move household items for the optimal effect & use. She has been my savior as I really didn’t want to allow her into my house, (it was so bad), but she was so gracious & understanding that I acquiesced. Then she removed items I hadn’t gone through for years & wanted to give or throw away but physically couldn’t. I felt so much relief & confidence in Deana that I’ve continued occasional visits for a longer period of time because she is so extremely artistic & creative. I would recommend her work to anyone looking for a hard working & talented organizer who is genuinely trustworthy & a good person. The value of her work is much higher than her fee.
Cheryl H.

We hired Deana to unpack all our kids’ toys and art supplies after moving, organize everything, and create a fun, organized space for our kids in our basement. She met with us to discuss what we wanted, designed the space, and scheduled a time to come work. She spent two days unpacking, organizing, and getting everything ready. Our kids are so thrilled with their basement play area and art studio. We are thrilled that we didn’t have to do it ourselves! Highly recommend!
Tracey L. 

Deana was great. She was on time, friendly and very meticulous. Will be using her services again!  
Louise H.

I was so over the embarrassment and so tired of the messiness of my kids' play room. Organized Chaos & Design by Deana has been such a stress reliever. And guess what, the kids have done a great job keeping the area cleaned up. (1.5 months later) Mostly because Deana organized the room in a way the was conducive to keep it clean and organized. Putting items and labels at eye level to make it easier for the kids to know where items go, grouping like items, categorize books, applying picture labels to shelves and storage containers for the kids to match up! Genius ideas that I didn't think to use because I was trying to organize it that was more conducive for me to clean! Done with that! I'm trying to raise independent and responsible kids, they do great in all other areas but it wasn't working in the clean up category. Great job Deana!

Jamie B. 

Deana did a great job organizing my kitchen, closets, laundry area, and living room. She helped create organizing systems with items I already had. These systems have helped me to maintain an organized home. I also feel less stressed and am enjoying spending time at home with my family. Deana is so creative with spaces and works very efficiently. I highly recommend her!
Havilah Y. 

Deana started phase on eof my entire house organization. We couldn't be more pleased! We highly recommend

Manda G. 

Organization is not my thing! So I found someone to help out! Her vision is spectacular while maintaining a strong focus on our family's needs, and Mommas wants. Holy Cow, what a difference! Wait until you see the basement...Deana is amazing to work with, Check her out!
Ashley C. 

She did a great job, showed up when expected, and even charged less than we anticipated.

Charlene R. 

Wow! Hire Deana for your home organization needs immediately! She is beyond PRO. For years that I've lived in my home I couldn’t figure out why I couldn't have it the way I wanted, with everything put away organized, no clothes sitting in every basket or toys everywhere. I have even hired house cleaners to come out thinking it will fix the problem, even though my home is not dirty. Well I did NOT need house cleaners. I can clean my own home. I needed a professional home organizer like Deana. Deana came in with a great, positive, and reassuring attitude and did an amazing job! My bedroom is now like a luxury hotel in my own home. I can see my clothes now. Things I thought I did not have anymore and would’ve gone to purchase, Deana has help me find. She taught me how to stay organized forever! How to handle my kids clothes and everything I need to do to keep my beautiful home organized. I will say this: You do not need to go shopping for any more home items or clothing. You need a Home Organizer like Deana! She actually brings a clear vision of the items you actually have in your home and do not need to buy anymore of. We started in my bedroom upstairs and went all the way to the basement! We went all out! ❤️🤩 Thank you again Deana I could go on and on about your services. You are an amazing professional home Organizer!
Fatou D. 

Great experience; would highly recommend!

Syrea T. 

Delaware - Ohio - 43015

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