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Meet me in the closet

Hello there, let's talk size! 
You are not alone in your thoughts that you should hold onto your favorite clothes as you gain or lose some weight. You're going to get back into them right? I am one of those people too. At one point, I had 6 different sizes in my closet, because I was sad that I gained so much weight so quickly with my diagnosis. 85lbs in one year to be precise. I held onto these clothes for several years, while I dieted and started this business that has me moving physically for 21 hours a week. How was I NOT going to lose weight right? Gradually, over time, I passed my smaller sizes on to my daughter, and recently to my Mother-in-law who just lost almost 100lbs. But it's hard. There is a level of acceptance that has to occur before you can do it fully. You're still going to want to hold onto those "just in case" items. But there is a basic rule. If you DON'T have an excessive amount of clothes, and the space in your closet is ample enough, I think it's ok to keep 1 size smaller than your current size. It doesn't have to be EVERYTHING you own in that size, but some items are fine. If you have limited space in your closet however, and you have been the same weight for a year or more, it's time to think about that acceptance I was talking about, and relieve yourself of the pressure of seeing those clothes in your closet that you can't wear anymore, and accept the new you. 
This time of year especially, is a GREAT time to purge your clothes and give them to people in need, especially Winter/warmer clothes. Homeless shelters & domestic abuse shelters are my go to's for donations, but you can choose what makes you feel good. An fyi, Goodwill throws out 70% of donations that they receive, so I stopped donating there a few years back. There are people that desperately need those clothes that they dispose of. 
You can do it. Acceptance can sound like a negative thing, as it's associated with some negative aspects of life, but it can actually be quite freeing in my opinion. It doesn't mean you have to give up trying to lose those extra lbs., it just means you get to reward yourself with new clothes when you succeed! Heck, maybe your style has changed. Maybe you'll feel like you can wear something you wouldn't have worn before because you're feeling good about yourself!
You've got this! Let go of the things that are taking up unnecessary space in your home , and tying you down.
You're beautiful just the way you are!


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