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It's your stuff. Let's be realistic. You bought it for a reason. Or, a family member gave it to you because they felt like you might want or need it, and you feel obligated to keep it so as not to hurt their feelings. Or maybe it belonged to a loved one that is no longer with you. There's a reason that it's in your home.

But let's look at the negative effects that these items are having on your happiness. You have reached out to me for a reason. Your home doesn't feel like your home anymore. It's causing you stress. It's causing you anxiety. You're not sleeping well. You can't find the things that you need. You can't say no to people. You dread going home from work.

Bottom line is, your home is no longer your safe place. The place in which you can relax. The place you can enjoy time with your family. The place that you can unwind in after work.


Let's change that.


I shoot straight from the hip as well as being 100% understanding to sentimentality. Some of the things that you are holding onto is just soul-sucking trash. Am I wrong?!?! Most of these items have been given to you by some good intentioned family or friend. Or, your kids just won't throw their stuff away. Or, you've gained a little weight and you're holding onto those smaller clothes because you "WILL get back into them!" (FYI, I'm TOTALLY guilty of this! Fortunately, or unfortunately, however I'm feeling on any given day, my Daughter is now a teenager and fits into the clothes I was keeping from 6 sizes ago!!) You've probably heard the sayings "If you haven't worn it in the last year, get rid of it" or "if you haven't used it in the last year, get rid of it". These are really good rules of thumb to live by. After a whole year of holidays and everyday activities, if you didn't use it, there's a solid chance that you likely won't. If you have clothes in your closet that are 2 sizes too small or too big, let's get rid of them and make the necessary room for the things and clothes that you love.


Today I will address clothing and household items. When I first started this business, I used to take car loads upon car loads of donatable items to the most common or well known 'big dog' donations store. And then I found something out last year. 'Big dog" actually dumpsters up to 70% of items that people donate out of the goodness of their hearts. 70%. That was insane to me. So I needed a different option. What I have now put in place has been a very positive change for my clients, and the people that are benefitting from my clients donations. I'm finding that people are much happier to part with their unneeded items, knowing EXACTLY where it is going and who it is helping.


My best friend & Daughter's Step-Mom Heather, is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. She is constantly doing good for people. So she was the one I went to. She works with many charities, but for the most part we are contributing to 4 specific charities. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to name them specifically, but will edit later if I am. So, the first one is a domestic abuse shelter. This is where I donate your children's clothes, women's clothes, baby items, toys, dvd's & games. These women often leave their terrible situations in a hurry with their children with only the clothes on their backs, and nothing else. Donating here reduces some guilt from Mothers who are trying to protect their children but left with nothing in order to do so, and gives them hope that they can start over.

The next place we donate to is a homeless shelter, where regular, everyday clothing goes, minus the "dress clothes" that can be worn to interviews.

Interview type clothing and household items go to a place that helps homeless people get set up and ready for job interviews and helps them set up their new home after they become employed and are ready for a new start.

She also has specific families that may need specific items in her church community. Just last week, we provided a stroller, highchair, pack-n-play and baby bath to a new single Mother who needed everything necessary to raising a baby.


So, as you can see, your belongings may no longer be needed in your home but can mean the world of difference to someone else.


Things that are affecting your mental well-being, become "Another Man's Treasure"...Hopefully this encourages positive feelings for those struggling to part with their belongings, and I will continue to promote positive donation.

You're attached, I get it

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