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"But I might need that cranberry sauce from 3 Thanksgivings ago" of my favorites! But let's be honest, if you were to go into your pantry right now you would find at least several items that are expired, and open packages of things that are probably stale/soft. And that's because food is sneaky. It falls behind other items. Or, those kids & significant others of yours that you love so much, opened something and conveniently forgot, or didn't know how to close it.

Organization is key in any pantry, but especially in smaller pantries.

Today we will talk about grouping of similar items. Some categories you will be looking at are;

-Pasta & sauces




-Canned vegetables

-Canned fruit

-Canned meats


-Baking needs




-Packaged savory


Everyone will have a variant of this list, but these are generally the standard categories.

The easiest way to keep a pantry organized is with baskets, labeling, jars, & space savers/stackers. Pantries tend to have a lot of wasted space vertically, and as we know by now, I'm a HUGE fan of using vertical space.

Generally speaking, you will want something along the lines of:

6 10x7x4" baskets

5 sealable plastic containers in varying sizes

2-3 smaller 7x4x2" baskets

sealable cereal size containers

4 14x10x8" baskets

2 lazy Susan spice racks

Space saving stackers (If that's your preference)